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Teaching Programs      

Teaching Style

Learning an instrument should be fun. I try to incorporate the following into each lesson:

  • Warm ups

  • Technical studies such as scales, finger dexterity, intonation, and breathing, 

  • Musical theory - learning to read music: notes, chords, rhythms, sight reading, etc.

  • Learning to play music  - typically from a lesson book

  • Fun stuff - like duets, school music, and music just for the fun of it!

  • (trumpet) Trumpet care and flare - how to take care of your horn, and how to put a little of yourself into everything you play


Practicing is essential to learning to play any instrument. I try to make learning and playing trumpet and piano enjoyable so that practicing stops being a chore and becomes something to look forward to every day.


Trumpet is an exciting and fun instrument to play. We teach basic techniques for beginners and range, jazz, improvisation, etc. to more advanced students.


Regardless of your musical level, we emphasize using the trumpet to make music. 


I typically work with both a standard trumpet method (e.g., Arban, Clark, Rubank), and will supplement this with other resources (e.g., improvistaion books, duet books, etc.). If your student already has a method book, we can use that as well.


Piano is an excellent instrument to start out on. Learning to read piano music builds confidence and brain power! Once a student has mastered even the basics of piano, moving to another instrument is typically very easy.  Students learn basic music theory as well as musical techniques - how to make music on the piano.


I typically work with a standard method (e.g., Faber and Faber), and will supplement with other teaching resources as needed.

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