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Beginnner Program

If your son or daughter is just starting on trumpet, I can help him or her learn how to read music, use and care for the trumpet, and get the best sound from the horn, including tone and intonation.

Intermediate Program    

If you have mastered the basics, there’s still a lot to learn. I can help with intonation, style, range, and technique.


Ideal for upper grade-school and middle school students.

Teen and adult Program    

Don’t be afraid to pick up and dust off that horn you played in high school! Lots of adults these days have kids who play, and want to start up again.


I can help with getting your lip back in shape, and to provide motivation and encouragement to get back in the swing!

  Custom Program   

If you’re preparing for an audition, or need just short-term lessons targeted for a specific purpose, I can help.


I have a broad background, which includes jazz, classical, band, orchestra, improvisation, and range studies.


Even if you just want to spend 30 minutes a week playing duets, give me a call!

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